Information technology is in perpetual evolution and the success of mobile phones and tablets has caused some changes in the design of public computers. The craze for laptops, tablets and phones grows constantly and many builders have had to adapt to meet this demand. This has resulted in the decrease of sales of fixed computers despite their superior performance and their adaptation to new technologies (touchscreens, cameras and microphones integrated,...)

There are many reasons of this trend towards all-mobile. The prices of laptops, mobile phones and tablets have declined. Many people need to stay in touch with family or work colleagues during travel. For his work, it may be essential to take notes, write reports, use a spreadsheet, etc. Some may want to be entertained, listen to music, watch a video, read an e-book, browse internet, take photos,...


If you are a little lost face this diversity of devices, ask yourself first and foremost you want to make and what kind of budget are you going to spend. The universal unit does not exist. If you want only call, possibly to send a few SMS with a not too bulky device then buy a simple mobile phone. If you wish to call correspondents in videophone, opt for a tablet or a laptop, etc.

In addition, there are several types of operating systems depending on the equipment: IOS, Android, Windows... There again, you have to choose. Indeed there are not many compatibility between these different operating systems. For example a file created with a word processor under Apple won't be readable Android that after having converted to another format. You will need a software to convert.

For a developer who wants to run his software on multiple platforms, the choice of language can be problematic. Indeed knowledge of a language is not limited to basic instructions and it takes time for learning. In Windows, although there is a wide range of programming languages, it is best to use language making the most of the possibilities of the Microsoft .NET platform. C# language is indicated for programming on the .NET platform.

Regarding Web programming, it is possible to avoid learning another language than C# or Visual Basic, provided that the server on which you work permits. However, you must have some knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

In myself, I am primarily interested in all devices with the Windows system as well as software running on this system. Develop software and Web applications are also part of my focus.