Launching UWP App from a command Shell

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Here we give a simple way to launch a UWP application by possibly passing parameters, from a Shell command.


We explain in this article how to run an online UWP ordering program.

Image by OpenIcons from Pixabay

You've probably already noticed that UWP applications don't have an executable .exe or .com extension file but come in the form of a package and therefore don't run directly by typing the file name (even preceded by the full path) into a command shell.

A known way is to create a shortcut to the UWP app and run the shortcut using the following command:


We will detail this method of launching a UWP application.

  1. Shell:AppsFolder
  2. Find the UWP app
  3. Right click and choose "create shortcut"
  4. Place the shortcut on desktop
  5. Move the .lnk file to our working directory

UWP app in console mode

Many developers prefer console apps because they can run them easily from scripts or other programs.

From Windows 10 creators some UWP apps can run in console mode.

Let's give an example with the UWP Inkscape app in the Microsoft store. Once we've installed this app, let's create a link to the app and use it to convert a .svg file into .png.

Let's create an Img work directory, for example, in which we place a svg-type image. This image can of course be created with Inscape.


Let's create a shortcut to the Inkscape app by following previous indications. Let's move the shortcut (normally on the desktop) to the Img directory. Let's open PowerShell above the Img directory.

Let's type the command line:

C:\Users\user1\Img\InkscapeR.lnk -f image.svg -e image.png