Windows 10

Microsoft has just released the new version of the Windows operating system named Windows 10 as expected.

The home page becomes default classic desktop with a "Start" menu but containing a column of applications and live tiles. It is possible to change the parameters and make this menu full screen like Windows 8 and 8.1.

These tiles are associated with applications that run when clicked on or touched with finger (or nose). Do as you wish!

It allows to display the windows of all running applications in the desktop and even to create other desktops.

In addition to the numerous applications already installed by default, it features a store offering applications called universal applications. These applications can run on any computer operating system Windows 10.

But Windows 10 still opens new windows!

It integrates new applications, such as biometric identification, Cortana a speech recognition application, a new browser called Edge.

Cortana presents itself as your guide and it remains at your disposal to conduct research on the Internet or in your computer, to run an application etc.

But you can do a search by typing directly with your keyboard of the text in the dialog box in the bottom menu bar.

The new browser allows you to annotate Web pages and share them with other people. It includes language HTML5/CSS3 and the powerful Chakra engine which runs JavaScript very quickly.

It includes the anti-malware MSE software.

Finally supports audio Dolby.

Many applications have now a 'share' button. This allows you to share data with another application (mail, one note, etc.) or to upload data to the cloud.