Windows 8 shortcut keys

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Here is a list of the main keyboard shortcuts in the Windows 8 system. We have categorized them (charms, research, navigation, etc.)


A charm is a window object providing quick access to windows features. These objects allow to change the parameters of the system, find a file, launch an application etc.

Here we give you the main combinations of keyboard keys that allow you to act on Windows 8 windows and navigate.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8

Shortcuts Action
Windows + c Opens Charms Bar (time/date and start menu)
Windows + h Opens Share charm
Charms Windows + i Opens Settings charm
Windows + k Opens Connect charm
Windows + p Chooses between available display
esc Closes a charm
Shortcuts Action
Windows + f Opens Metro File Search
Search Windows + q Opens Search charm
Windows + w Opens Settings Search charm
Shortcuts Action
Windows + b Shows the Windows desktop bar
Windows + d Switchs to the Windows desktop
Desktop windows+, (hold the keys pressed) Peeks at the desktop
Windows + m Minimizes all windows on the desktop
Windows + shift + m Restores all minimized windows
Windows + t Cycles through the items on the Taskbar
Windows + home Minimizes/Maximizes Non-active desktop windows
Shortcuts Action
Windows + e Opens Windows Explorer
Windows + r Opens the Run dialog box
Desktop applications Windows + u Opens Ease of Access Center
Windows + x Access the Windows Tools Menu
Windows + enter Launches Narrator
Shortcuts Action
Windows Opens the Start Screen
Windows + tab Invokes the app switcher and changes between Metro-style applications
Windows + . Moves the screen split to the right
Navigation Windows + shift + . Moves the screen split to the left
Windows Windows + left arrow Tile window on the left side of the screen
Windows + right arrow Tile window on the right side of the screen
Windows + up arrow Maximizes the current window
Windows + down arrow Minimizes or restores the current window
Windows key + shift + up arrow Extends the current window from the top to the bottom of the screen
Shortcuts Action
Windows + + Zooms in
Magnifier Windows + - Zomms out
Windows + esc Exits magnifier
Shortcuts Action
Help Windows + F1 Launches Windows Help and Support
F1 Displays Help